Troy Treasures

To recognize people, neighborhood groups, or other assets that make Troy such a wonderful, diverse city, TRIP honors a “Troy Treasure” annually.  This awardee is selected from nominations submitted by residents or groups. Nominations are limited to volunteers, businesses or groups who have a several year history of improving Troy.

A “Troy Treasure” is a Troy resident, community group, or business that:

•    Is passionately committed to improving Troy

•    Toils in his or her neighborhood out of a love of community

•    Demonstrates her/his pride in Troy in very positive and real ways

Nominations for Troy Treasure may be submitted to  Provide a brief narrative about what your nominee has done in Troy.





Previous “Troy Treasures” are:

2017      Andrea Daily for his service to Little Italy
2016      Troy Treasure Hall of Fame Honored 10 years of honorees
2015      Mack Henderson for his leadership with the Troy Central Little League and children of North Central Troy
2014      Barb Nelson for her work with the Troy Alley Project and Transport Troy
2013      Marion Field for her years of service to Troy Little Italy
2012      Michael Esposito for his years of service to Troy Little Italy
2011      Troy Bike Rescue and founder Andrew Lynn

2010      Rev. Willie D. Bacote of the Missing Link Street Ministry Mission
2009      Vinnie Lepera, Duncan Barrett and Barbara Jones Higbee, former executive directors of TRIP, in celebration of TRIP’s 40th anniversary
2008      Alane Hohenberg for her work creating the Troy Food Coop
2007      Friends of Prospect Park
2006      Osgood Neighborhood Association and the Friends of North Central/S. Lansingburgh Neighborhood Association
2005      Washington Park Association