Category: Making a Difference in Troy NY

Whom Do You Admire for Improving Troy?

Nominate your favorite “Troy Treasure” as this year’s Troy Treasure Awardee Unsung HeroesWe think that one of the “unsung heroes” – people who work at improving the City of Troy – should be publicly recognized and thanked by the community.  This year the Troy Treasure Awardee will be presented at… Read more »

Another Fun & Inspiring Evening

Eileen Bagnoli, Patrick Madden and Marion Field 2013 TRIP & RCHR Annual Homecoming Dinner Recognizes Two Terrific Women It was a fun evening at the TRIP & RCHR Annual Homecoming Dinner on October 28th as they bestowed awards to two amazing women. The 2013 Community Citizenship award was presented o… Read more »

Small City Revitalization

Second Annual  New York State Neighborhood Revitalization Conference Last September a group of local residents launched the first Annual New York State Neighborhood Revitalization Conference.  Held on a weekend at Russell Sage College, a keynote talk by author James Kunstler launched us into a day of lively interaction and discussion… Read more »

Call for Nominations: Troy Treasure Award

Deadline: August 17th There are many individuals and groups that are making a significant difference in Troy. The Troy Treasure award, created by TRIP in 2005, is a way to recognize and thank one of them publicly each year.  We are seeking nominations for the 2013 Troy Treasure awardee. This… Read more »