Whom Do You Admire for Improving Troy?

Nominate your favorite “Troy Treasure” as this year’s Troy Treasure Awardee

Unsung Heroes
We think that one of the “unsung heroes” – people who work at improving the City of Troy – should be publicly recognized and thanked by the community.  This year the Troy Treasure Awardee will be presented at the TRIP & RCHR HomeComing Dinner on October 27th.

Eligible nominees may be a Troy resident, community group, or business who is passionately committed to improving Troy, toils in his or her neighborhood out of a love of community, and demonstrates his or her hometown pride in Troy in very positive and real ways. 

Nomination forms are available at www.triponline.org, or by e-mailing Hilary[at]triponline[dot]org.  Please email the completed form to Hilary by July 22nd.