A Small Investment Protects Your Large Investment

A Fireman in a Can
Cooking fires are the No. 1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home-cooking fires.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 1999-2002, there were 114,000 reported home fires associated with cooking equipment on average per year, resulting in an annual 290 deaths and 4,380 injuries. 

TRIP Uses Firestops Cans
TRIP has been using firestop cans for several years in all of its apartments. The “Stovetop Firestop” is an aluminum can, about the size of a tuna can, filled with siliconized bicarbonate of soda. In the presence of a direct flame or a temperature of 277 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat sensor will activate a small pyrotechnic that peels open the unit, causing the soda to fall on the fire and put it out. No one has to be present for the unit to work, and it makes a loud pop when it opens to alert people in the home. 

The unit, which must be replaced every five years, is installed underneath the vent hood with magnets. Two units cover a four-burner stove and cost about $35.00 each.  

It Pays Off
Just last month, the installation of firestop cans in a TRIP apartment paid off in spades.  A tenant accidentally left food cooking on the stove.  The food caught fire and flames reached high enough to light the wick on one of the firestop cans.  The suppression can popped open and significantly reduced the fire which had already spread to the walls.  The large reduction in flames allowed the resident to finish putting out the fire and significantly reduce overall damage.  

When firefighters arrived, the fire was completely extinguished.  We cannot recommend these cans enough.  Our $70 investment saved thousands of dollars in smoke, fire and water damages as well as tenant displacement and possible injuries.