Faces at TRIP: Hilary Lamishaw

Meet Hilary Lamishaw: Director of Community Affairs
The face behind “Faces at TRIP” and many more of the programs that leverage TRIP’s hard work in the community at large, Hilary Lamishaw has been our Director of Community Affairs since 1996. She has a long history of finding and empowering latent leaders to make a difference in their community, from her days as an organizer before she came to TRIP to her daily role today, where she connects people and groups together to share experiences and find commonalities. 

She states that it is her goal to to help people deal with issues as a group – as group efforts often get better responses than individual complaints. She is a strong believer in the power of every-day citizens to get things done, and has helped groups like TNAC (Troy Neighborhoods Action Council), the Vacant Properties Workgroup, and “D.O.G.S.” (Dads of Great Students) find their voice. 

Hilary also serves as Coordinator for the NeighborWorks Alliance of New York State, a coalition of 22 similar organizations that are dedicated to revitalizing their communities. 

And in her spare time……….