Deeper Shades of Green: Energy Costs

Did you know that National Grid will pay you $25 to get a programmable thermostat? For this and more rebates, click here.

Facing down those energy costs as winter continues…
As we in the northeast continue to face cold weather and snow, coupled with rising natural gas prices, now is a great time to take an extra look at those bills that are stacking up. Knowing what is costing you can save you money right away, and taking action can save you money for years to come.
Small changes to your daily activities can have a big impact on our bill and the environment. Click here for tips that can help you manage your home energy usage. 
On the side of every energy bill is a handy chart tracking your usage each month. For buildings that are heated with Natural Gas, you can expect to see an increase in winter months, but if that increase is sharp and high, you may be able to spend a little upfront to insulate and reduce leakage and save hundreds of dollars.
If your windows get cold or drafty, one great winter project that can pay dividends for years to come are window insulation panels. You can buy them from a local company, or build them yourself using these very thorough instructions: 
A programmable thermostat can also do wonders to reduce your heating bills by automatically dropping the temperature in your house while you are away, and boosting it back up before you get home. National Grid is currently running an incentive program where they will send you a $25 rebate to help you buy one. 
Even though spring will be upon us soon, it is never too late to make the lasting improvements that will save you money for years to come.