Monthly Archives: November 2013

Building Leaders

Community Leadership Institute TRIP hosted a group of residents at this year’s Community Leadership Institute in Sacramento in October.  James (Chick) Mayben, Mack Henderson, Andrea Branch, and Team Coordinator Davia Collington were joined by TRIP’s VISTA volunteer Anasha Cummings, Rental Manager Kenny Holmes, and Director of Community Affairs Hilary Lamishaw. … Read more »

A Benefit for All: A Tax Exemption

Home Improvement Tax Exemption Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia recently announced how homeowners who invest more than $3000 in their one- or two-unit homes can get a property tax exemption that is then phased in over 8 years.     The city’s Home Improvement Tax Exemption (City Code §257-32 to §257-36)… Read more »

Sustainable Financing for Sustainable Choices

Have you been thinking about upgrading your furnace, weatherizing your home, or insulating the attic? All of these projects can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills, particularly in the winter months, but they come with a hefty sticker price. You could save up for some fancy new insulation or request… Read more »

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County  in Collaboration with  Rensselaer County Department of Health Childhood Lead Poisoning Primary Prevention Program WHAT: Childhood Lead Poisoning is a major problem resulting in the loss of billions of dollars.  In an attempt to correct it before it becomes a problem, Cornell Cooperative Extension… Read more »

Another Fun & Inspiring Evening

Eileen Bagnoli, Patrick Madden and Marion Field 2013 TRIP & RCHR Annual Homecoming Dinner Recognizes Two Terrific Women It was a fun evening at the TRIP & RCHR Annual Homecoming Dinner on October 28th as they bestowed awards to two amazing women. The 2013 Community Citizenship award was presented o… Read more »