Small City Revitalization

Second Annual 
New York State Neighborhood Revitalization Conference

Last September a group of local residents launched the first Annual New York State Neighborhood Revitalization Conference.  Held on a weekend at Russell Sage College, a keynote talk by author James Kunstler launched us into a day of lively interaction and discussion with workshop topics including vacant properties, land banking, green rehab, solar energy, and green infrastructure.

This year on Saturday, September 21, the second conference will be held at Russell Sage College. This year, the keynote speaker will be Vincent DeSantis whose book, “Toward Civic Integrity, Re-establishing the Micropolis,” grows out of the history of Gloversville and Johnstown and his reflections on small city revitalization. Workshops now scheduled include such topics as empty churches, Habitat for Humanity, youth court, Maker’s Space, and the Mohawk Harvest Co-Op. Registration forms and schedule updates are available at the conference’s website,