Are You an Urban Thinker?

Urban Thinkers Book Club
Interested in reading and discussing topics of urban planning and design?

Book Green Metropolis

Join the Urban Thinkers Book Club!  Created by Bev Bendix, Troy resident, with the objective “to start dialog on these topics so that we may learn from each other and construct a knowledge base. Specifically, we will try to relate our readings to Troy and the Capital Region.”
The first book is Green Metropolis by David Owen. This will be discussed at the next meeting  on Tuesday, August 27 at 6:30 PM at Finnbar’s Pub, 452 Broadway, Troy, NY. 
The group is free and open to all ages.  No expertise needed. 
Books and meeting times will be posted at
 This website also includes a link to subscribe to the email list or you may email Bev at Bendib88[at]gmail[dot]com to subscribe as well.
 Happy reading!