Faces at TRIP: Elsie Pastor

Elsie Pastor
Elsie Pastor moved into an apartment with TRIP more than ten years ago.  She quickly became a favored tenant and neighborhood advocate, especially as she is bi-lingual (Spanish).  In August 2004, Elsie began working at TRIP in Rental Management, as a coordinator.  She processed applications, did filing, scheduled appointments and excelled at general clerical work.  In 2009 she was promoted to a Rental Manager here in Troy and in 2010 Elsie took over Site Management of two senior apartment complexes in Albany.  
Elsie is an extremely hard worker and is dedicated to her senior residents who all have considerable needs.  Her background in accounting is also a great asset in running the two apartment sites.  When Elsie isn’t working, you might find her at the movies, spending time with her five grandchildren, sewing or doing crafts.  She is also a very accomplished cook and enjoys managing the grills at block parties. Elsie is a great deal of fun and we miss her daily presence at 415 River Street.  
Elsie’s goal for this year is to bring more on-site services to the senior properties.  We are certain she will be successful!