Childhood Lead Primary Prevention Program

Childhood Lead Poisoning is a major problem resulting in the loss of billions of dollars every year.  Rensselaer County Health Department in conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County have joined forces to reduce childhood lead poisoning.
The Rensselaer County Childhood Lead Primary Prevention Program (CLPPP) seeks to   educate residents, property owners, and/or contractors regarding lead based paint hazards.  Education includes lead recalls, proper nutrition, how lead affects the body, the dangers it poses to the population, especially children and pregnant women, identification of lead hazards, how to use Lead Safe Work Practices to handle lead based paint hazards, and how to maintain lead safe housing by being proactive.
The CLPPP provides free in home lead risk assessments to residents living in the 12180 and the 12182 zip codes due to the high incidences of elevated blood lead levels and due to the older housing stock located within these target areas.  Free educational materials and supplies are provided along with remediation assistance to those households that qualify.  Free Renovation, Repair and Painting training courses are provided through the program.
This program is a primary prevention program and hopes to reduce the incidences of elevated blood lead levels through dissemination of education, performing lead risk assessments and promoting childhood lead testing. 
For more information and to schedule your free in home lead risk assessment, please contact Deanna Miller, Certified Lead Risk Assessor, at 518-270-2640.