Thank You to The Record

As TRIP celebrates its 45th anniversary — having been created in Spring 1968 — we want to say thanks to all our supporters and partners over these many years.  As executive director Patrick Madden writes in The Record on April 3rd, “The accomplishments of TRIP over the decades are properly credited to hundreds if not thousands of individuals and institutions:  the many current and former board and staff members, the many neighborhood residents past and present, the many city and county administrations, the local business community and the many, many individuals who have supported this effort with their time and their financial contributions.” 
You can read more about TRIP, our accomplishments and the potential that lies before us, how you might support these efforts, and 45 reasons why people like TRIP in The Record’s insert about TRIP that was published and included in the April 3rd edition.  For a copy, email Hilary [at] triponline [dot] org or call 272-8289 x214. 
We want to thank Lisa Lewis, editor of The Record, for her generosity in publishing the 8-page insert about TRIP and its programs, history, etc.  We also appreciate Lisa’s and The Record’s partnership in its ten years of printing “Troy’s Treasures” articles in the Sunday editions about all the positive things happening in Troy.  To read past columns, go to 
We look forward to decades more of working with The Record and many other partners to continue the story of how, collectively, we are creating vibrant, sustainable communities in Troy.