Interested in Making a Difference? Volunteers Needed!

TRIP is seeking volunteers to help with an exciting new project!  In partnership with neighborhood groups and the city, we will be undertaking a community survey in part of North Central Troy to determine the level of community spirit, the advantages and disadvantages of the neighborhood, and the physical condition of the properties. This will give us some ideas about what is working well and what is needed in this community.  Furthermore, we will re-survey the same area in two years which will allow us to measure any differences that result from our collective community efforts over the next couple of years. 
If you would like to join the CIM (Community Impact Measurement) Team for some fun while collecting important information, please email Hilary [at] triponline [dot] org or call at 272-8289 x214.  
In addition to being part of a team to determine neighborhood assets and needs, you will meet new people, explore interesting neighborhoods, enjoy some lovely architectures and get fed.  And did we say it will be fun??   
We look forward to hearing from you today.