Home Matters

What does “home” mean to you?  Does it evoke warm memories or a feeling that you can’t wait to get there today?  Does it make you reflect on the future and see your kids and grandkids coming home to visit?  “Home” means different things to different people, yet a universal truth is that a stable, safe and affordable home lays the groundwork for family stability and success.
TRIP recently signed on to support Home Matters, a national movement promoting the importance of affordable homes. In a time of mass foreclosures and housing issues, Home Matters looks to shift our country’s perspective so we can understand the power of having a home. Having a stable home allows us to have better health and be more prepared for work and school. Studies have also shown that children in stable homes are able to achieve more in school. Families in stable homes are more likely to take action to combat crime and create safe, vibrant communities in which they can live.
For more information, visit www.homemattersamerica.com.  To tell us why Home Matters to you, go to TRIP’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/TRIPTroyNY.  We hope to collect some of your stories in a video to show at the TRIP & RCHR Annual Dinner in the fall.