Be a Smart Spender!

Everyone can benefit from being smarter about managing his or her money.
“Spend Smart” is a set of free financial education classes offered at TRIP that assist people to achieve a better financial awareness for themselves and their future.  The classes are split into two sessions and are held three times a year.  Different topics are held during each session.
Each topic discussed helps secure a better understanding of the importance of reviewing your current financial and credit situation, as well as how to improve it.  It is the goal of this course to help you realize that managing your money is possible, avoiding unnecessary debt is possible, and reaching goals are possible; we just have to find the right tools and methods to get you there.
The first night of the course is aimed at reviewing items such as spending plans, credit, and the basics of borrowing.  While most people are aware of the importance of spending plans, this class will help you  learn how to create a useful plan, the value and different types of credit that individuals have, charging credit the right way, and the cost of debt (how interest, service fees and different charges accumulate over time).
During the second session, topics such as credit reports, building and repairing your credit, financial goal setting (setting goals that are attainable and timely), and building your savings are discussed.
These two sessions will assist participants gain control over their financial and credit stability with the knowledge they obtain.  This information can also help individuals by giving them tools to help avoid and reduce money-related anxiety and stress in their life.  In a difficult economic time, this class plays an integral part of financial preparation for each person’s future.  The knowledge and information that is shared in “Spend Smart” will help people arm themselves with a plan for their financial well-being.
To learn how to be a smart spender, register for the next “Spend Smart” sessions on February 19th & March 5th. Go to to view the calendar.
For more information or to schedule a free, confidential appointment contact the TRIP NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center at 690-0020 x221.