TRIP & RCHR Program Profile: Mini-Repair

One of the biggest issues for many homeowners is the cost of maintaining one’s home. For low-income families, however, the prohibitive costs can lead to serious health and safety concerns in the home. To address some of these issues, Rensselaer County Housing Resources (RCHR), created the Mini-Repair Program.

This program, started in 1998, provides labor free of charge for up to five full days per year for income-qualified elderly, disabled, and/or very low income homeowners; homeowners only pay for the materials needed. Helping these families stay in their homes longer while maintaining the local housing stock is the mission of the Mini-Repair Program. Another benefit to Mini-Repair customers is ensuring that the labor needed to get the job done is by a qualified and trusted worker– a full time RCHR employee.

Common jobs covered by the program include porch and stair repairs, minor electrical work, small painting or plastering jobs, installing smoke detectors, etc. While major repairs can not be performed under the Mini-Repair Program, RCHR staff can assist homeowners to find qualified, affordable contractors for these projects.

Helping County residents with small home repairs ensures that little problems do not grow to become a threat to anyone’s health or safety. Keeping homes safe and comfortable will strengthen both the buildings in Rensselaer County while also the spirits. Since its founding, the Mini-Repair Program has served over 3,250 customers.