Deeper Shades of Green

Addressing “green” and sustainability issues has been a long standing commitment at TRIP, and we are always trying to keep up with the best practices in our field. We are currently in the process of assessing our internal office practices and determining how to increase efficiency while decreasing waste. Externally, we are constantly searching for new and helpful material and resources to incorporate into our rehab projects, workshop classes, and community events and programs.
Partnering with the SUNY Albany Business School, TRIP is acting as a client for a group of first-year graduate students in the G3 program. G3 stands for “Going Green Globally”. The six students, aided by coach Mark Boucher, will act as sustainability consultants for a brief, but intense, twelve day project (May 4th – May 16th). Since this program is part of the Business School, G3’s goals are to provide clients with suggestions for greater sustainability in their organization while also increasing financial savings.
TRIP’s G3 Team
Sustainability at TRIP is about lessening our overall environmental influence and finding ways to maximize economic impact and/or savings for our clients and communities. With fewer resources being wasted, more money can be saved and used to improve existing services and create new program opportunities.
If you have any questions about what TRIP does or doesn’t do please contact us. Also, if there is a sustainability issue that you think TRIP should be more aware of, we want to hear from you! Help us provide the resources you and your community need!