Faces at TRIP: Birgit Wood

Birgit Wood
TRIP’s HomeOwnership Center is a small group, but they produce big results! Birgit Wood has worked at TRIP for two years as a Housing Counselor where she provides quality counseling to homeowners whose mortgages are in default. As their Housing Counselor, Birgit helps her clients avoid foreclosure – working together they determine the best options given the client’s specific circumstances.
Outside of the office, Birgit volunteers at the Schenectady Habitat for Humanity serving on the Family Selection committee. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Tom, reading (within and outside of the book club she recently started), gardening, and kayaking.
Further, Birgit has recently become fully trained and certified in providing counseling to senior homeowners who are interested in exploring reverse mortgage options. The Home Equity Mortgage Conversion (HECM) reverse mortgage program is available to homeowners over age 62. Providing HECM counseling represents a new challenge that Birgit looks forward to embracing this year.