Troy non-profit tackling troubled neighborhoods

News 10 also picked up our story. Check out the excellent video clip of the interview with Executive Director Patrick Madden Posted: Dec 29, 2010 10:51 PM EST 
TROY, N.Y.-It’s not obvious, but Fifth Avenue in Troy is once again in the middle of a rehabilitation project.
“The interesting thing is, one building can ruin a block. When this building wasn’t managed well, we had other tenants in our adjoining properties and wanted out. They wanted to leave,” said Patrick Madden of the Troy Rehabilitation Improvement Program, or TRIP, did exactly what his non-profit organization has been doing since 1968.TRIP bought the building, completely gutting it, rebuilding the inside from top to bottom.

“It’s important for us to not only get this building for this building. But, for this block,” said Madden.

TRIP has renovated about 150 properties around the city many of them on Fifth Avenue. All are then rented to lower-income families. This particular one was bought a year ago but, work on the inside just began last week.

Crews are making the inside as green and energy efficient as possible, realizing utility costs can often break the bank.

People living nearby saying the rehab projects are clearly better than the alternative, which are neglected properties and vacant lots.

“I think it’s great,” said Chris Wise. “If they aren’t being used otherwise and they’re all run down, I think it’s great they’re trying to build them back up make it a better place.”
The current venture on Fifth Avenue is expected to be completed by April or May.