New Federal Lead Safety Rules

New federal lead safety rules for Renovations, Repairs, and Painting (“The RRP Rule”) take effect on April 22, 2010.  If you work on a house or building built before 1978 that is occupied by a child under the age of six or a woman that is pregnant this rule could apply. The RRP applies to housing, schools, hospitals, churches and childcare facilities.  In general, the rule requires that after April 22, 2010 all renovation firms must be certified by EPA to continue doing renovation, repair or painting work.  There are certain exclusions including:
  •  renovations performed by homeowners in their own homes
  •  emergency renovations (requires verifications)
  •  renovation activities where affected components do not contain lead-based paint
  •  minor repair and maintenance activities, including interior work that disturbs less than 6 square feet per room of painted surface and exterior work that disturbs less than 20 square feet per side of painted surface.  This exclusion does not apply to window replacement, demolition and certain other prohibited practices.
Furthermore, a homeowner may choose the “Opt-Out” provision, meaning that she chooses not to use lead-safe work practices.  She would have to certify certain conditions in writing including that:  
  •  she and her family reside in the home and
  •  there are no children under 6 years old and
  •  there are no pregnant women residing in the home and
  •  there is no child-occupied facility in the home and
  •  the owner and residents have been educated about the dangers of lead and received the Renovate Right pamphlet.
In early May, TRIP will be hosting a free 8-hour training class for contractors, landlords, maintenance workers, painters, etc. to receive certifications as required in Lead Safe Work Practices and Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP).  Contact TRIP at to secure a seat now. You will be informed of the date and location shortly. 
TRIP will also make more information available about the RRP Rule on its website at  To view a handbook about the RRP Rule, go to