Troy’s Neighborhood Associations

Burden Iron Works
Neighborhood Association
Van Buren to Mill Street,
First to Fourth Street
John Jojo
Hillside Neighborhood
Hoosick St. south to Federal/Sage Avenue; 8th St -11th St
Linda O’Malley

North Lansingburgh
Neighborhood Watch
111th Street North, Hudson River to Oakwood Avenue
Jim Gordon,

FB: North Lansingburgh Neighborhood Watch

Beman Park
Neighborhood Association
Hoosick St. south to Sage;10th St to Burdett Ave.

Liza Rodriquez

Hillside North
Neighborhood Group
Hoosick St. north to Ingalls; 8th, 9th, & 10th Sts

James Mayben james.mayben@yahoo.comKim Mazor
FB: Hillside North

Osgood Neighborhood
Canal to Van Buren;
First to FIfth Avenue

Sid Fleisher, sidneyfleisher@yahoo.comFB: Osgood/South End Neighborhood Watch

Concerned Citizens of Seventh Avenue

7th Avenue; Down to Glen Street

Flora Carr

Historic Sage

Surrounding Sage College’s

Campus, 2nd Street

from Liberty to State Street

Joyce Chupka,


Pottery District

4th between Division and Ferry

Carl Erickson

Downtown Troy
Neighborhood Watch
Congress to Federal Street, River Street to Sixth Avenue
Erika Groff






Little Italy (4th Street)

Rocco DeFazio,

Marion Field

Andrea Daley,

FB: Troy Little Italy


Stow Farm
Neighborhood Association
Stow Avenue and surrounding neighborhood
Charlene Dobert,





Eastside Neighborhood
AssociationBrunswick Rd. to the north, Hill Street and Spring Ave to the west, and the Troy city line to the south and east

Ken Zalewski,

FB: Eastside Neighborhood


Little Italy
Neighborhood Watch
South Central including Little Italy, Pottery District, Osgood, and others
Riverside Neighborhood

Division St. to the Poestenkill Canal (along Frear Alley & Second St.), west to the Hudson River

Sandra Rouse,

FB: Riverside Neighborhood of Troy, NY


Fifth Avenue 2100
Block Association

Mark Menard


Mt. Ida Preservation

Brant Caird


Troy Drug Free
Community CoalitionDavia Collington

TRIP, 415 River Street

FB: Troy Drug Free Community Coalition



Historic 5th & Grand Street Neighborhood Association

5th Avenue between State and

Federal Street, Grand Street

Marie Gavazzi

 North Troy Community Network

Hoosick to 104th, River to Seventh

Peggy Kownack, 272-0472

FB: North Troy Community Network


Washington Park Association
Around Washington Park; 2nd and 3rd Streets
Lynn Kopka