Leadership Development

Helping Troy residents develop leadership skills is key to our goal of helping them create vibrant sustainable communities:

NeighborWorks Community Leadership Institute.  As a member of NeighborWorks America’s national network, TRIP is able to bring resident teams to annual Community Leadership Institutes (CLI).   These institutes are four-day events where resident leaders and community partners across the country are trained in leadership development and community building skills while networking with a thousand other attendees.  For more information, go to Community Leadership Institute. 

communityLAB  TRIP is a partner and supporter of communityLAB (Leadership & Action Building).  communityLAB is a project of two long-time organizers who believe in building community, power and hope.  Through its Troy Fellows program, Troy residents are taught leadership and organizing skills through classroom learning combined with hands on projects.  For information about communityLAB’s next training program, contact sgoldman78@gmail.com.