Community Building

TRIP’s commitment to vibrant sustainable neighborhoods recognizes that the physical environment is just one piece of a viable community.  The people who live there – and their positive engagement – is critical to creating an environment that is welcoming and beneficial to all.  We help residents build communities in which they and their families and neighbors will thrive.

We help build community in a variety of ways:

•    Identifying and developing residents to become leaders in their neighborhoods.

•    Providing support to TNAC (Troy Neighborhoods Action Council) through coordinating meetings and events and serving as an informational clearing house for residents.

•    Assisting TNAC’s community initiatives such as the Troy Vacant Property Workgroup and the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition.

•    Providing administrative support to resident-led efforts such as communityLAB, the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition, TroyLOOK and more.

•    Sharing information regularly among and between Troy residents, elected officials, the city administration, business
owners and other stakeholders.  Email to be added to the TNAC e-mailing list.