Christine Nealon, President & CEO

Noah Baum, COO

Gail Padalino, Vice President of Community & Wealth Building Strategies for TRIP & RCHR

Tammy Weinman, Organizational Advancement Manager


Eric Baral, Director of Finance & Accounting

Riley Laustrup, Financial Analyst

Amy Proctor, Accounting Specialist

Community & Wealth Building Strategies

Caitlin Burns, Director of Wealth Building Strategies & Advocacy

Krystina Marable, Director of Grant Administration/Foreclosure Prevention

Amanda Casale, Salesforce Champion and Leads Manager

Erin Pihlaja, Marketing Manager

Nicole Casale, Homeownership Advisor

Haider Garzon, Homeownership Advisor

Martin Morey, Rehabilitation Specialist

Patrick Pascucci, Lead Grant/Construction Manager

Tyrone Hall, Mini Repair Coordinator

Deasia Adams, Resident Services Coordinator

Beverly Hickman, Community Building & Engagement Coordinator

Property Management

Sandra Lewis-McCann, Senior Property Manager

Craig Ellis, Property Manager

Cambria Westcott, Property Manager

Christine Weber, Asset Management Coordinator

Latachia Smith, Tenant Services Assistant

Facilities & Maintenance

Ryan Hemendinger, Facilities Manager

Wayne Sharp, Facilities Technician

James (Chick) Mayben, Facilities Technician

Jermaine Bradley, Maintenance Supervisor

Josh Wixon, Maintenance Assistant Supervisor

Jeremy Parent, Maintenance Technician

Charles Sousis, Maintenance Technician

Lee Wallace, Cleaning Professional