In the fall of 2001, the TRIP NeighborWorks® Home Ownership Center was opened, where together TRIP and RCHR offer a one-stop shop for homebuyers and homeowners. At TRIP’s HomeOwnership Center customers can access a wide array of services including homebuyer education, financial counseling, grant assistance, matched savings programs, and more.

Understanding that not everyone wants to own a home, since the 1970’s TRIP has created affordable quality rental units for individuals and families. Primarily through rehabbing existing vacant or deteriorating buildings, TRIP has made a significant investment in Troy’s communities. TRIP houses hundreds of families in its scattered site two and three-unit properties; it also manages larger properties for other not-for-profit organizations.

To create viable, vital neighborhoods, TRIP knows that an investment in more than bricks and mortar is necessary. TRIP believes in the collective strength of people and helps neighborhood residents to “build community.” Through leadership development, support of neighborhood projects, and community organizing, TRIP helps people transform their neighborhoods into safer, friendlier and more attractive places to live.