Our Shared Vision

The Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (TRIP), Inc. was created in 1968 and continues with the same foundational vision today.

Residents drive the community’s economy as home and business owners, customers, employers, mentors, employees and investors by:

  • Contributing personal social/financial capital toward their homes and neighborhoods
  • Leading community improvement initiatives as organizers, spokespeople, board members and supporters, and advocating for equitable investment of public resources in their neighborhoods as voters, candidates and elected representatives.

We accomplish this by:

Building Individual/Family Wealth-We Provide opportunities for people to fully exercise their right to: financial capabilities and assets, safe, comfortable and affordable homes both as owners and renters, and investment in the futures of their families and neighborhoods.

Building Strong Communities-We Partner with the community to build connections between neighbors, develop collaborative responses to emerging community needs, grow local workforce and businesses, and increase the political and economic influence of residents.

Building a Strong Organization-We Build a reliable and resilient business operation that invests in transparent internal systems and skill-building, attracts diverse partners and resources, and assures long term responsiveness to changes in markets and community needs.

Our history of assisting low- and moderate-income families in Troy achieve the dream of home ownership expanded over the years to meet the growing housing needs of area residents to include property management, community and real estate development.  TRIP was invited to affiliate in 1997 with a small, countywide housing agency known as Community Housing Resources Board.  Renamed Rensselaer County Housing Resources (RCHR), it shares space and staff with TRIP, allowing both organizations to serve more customers in a broader geographic footprint with greater efficiency.  TRIP was invited to affiliate as a NeighborWorks® organization in 1991, thereby joining a national network of premier groups associated with NeighborWorks America.