Faces at TRIP: Jessica Krajewski

Jessica Krajewski: Intern
JessicaJessica Krajewski joined TRIP as an intern in January of this year. She is a sophomore dual major in architecture and civil engineering at RPI. She has always wanted to find a way to combine her experience in architecture with her desire to create strong communities for all.  Although she is mostly doing research, she is excited to start working more in depth on some upcoming projects. 
Working at TRIP has been a wonderful experience because not only does she feel like she is making a difference, but she finds everyone here extremely nice and willing to help with anything she may need. 
In her spare time, aside from classes, more classes, RPI Student Government, her internship here at TRIP, and more classes she loves to hang out with friends and just be a typical college student. 
Thanks Jessica!  We really appreciate your help and interest!