Faces at TRIP: Bobbi Carter

Bobbi CarterBobbi Carter joined TRIP as the first director of its NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center which opened in 2001.  She had previously worked in the lending industry for 18 years.   Despite the pressures of a growing demand by people who want to become homeowners, want to save or preserve their homes from disrepair or foreclosure, or want to turn their financial position around, Bobbi loves her job.  Her staff of five is like family to her, as are many of their customers who become life-long friends.  That is the key to her happiness; she most enjoys working with people who come in with financial problems and little hope – and leave her with a new understanding of what’s possible.  She’s quick to add that that doesn’t necessarily mean being a homeowner, since not everybody wants to or should own a home. Learning how to manage your finances, however, creates the path toward any dreams. 

When Bobbi is not working, she is able to spend time with her four-legged family, Max and Cutie, her mini Schnauzers. And are they the cutest!  
And what else do you think Bobbi might do when not working?  Talk about taking your work home with you, she did several  – what else?  — home improvement projects recently.  Read the accompanying DIY article to see her story.