Faces at TRIP: Bob Cuddey

Bob Cuddey

Meet Bob Cuddey: 
Maintenance staff

Bob Cuddey has been part of TRIP’s maintenance team for 8 years in December, which is long enough for him to see a lot of kids living in TRIP’s apartments grow up to be teenagers.  As a maintenance staff, he and his partner Josh Wiston are responsible for 76 apartments located in 23 buildings.  They do the “soup-to-nuts” of rental maintenance, being responsible for the upkeep, upgrading, repairs and “make-ready” work of preparing apartments with a fresh look when a new tenants moves in.   

Bob enjoys his work and takes a lot of pride in doing the job right.  Although his work is labor intensive, he gets satisfaction from working with our tenants on resolving any issues or questions that they may have.  Caring for 76 apartments means that his work is different every day; he definitely likes the variety that the job brings.

When Bob is not at work he enjoys relaxing with his daughter Casie, his girlfriend Robin and his pit bull mix Elton at his home in Cohoes. He recently got his motorcycle license and enjoys riding whenever he can. He also enjoys baseball, football and mixed martial arts.   Watching drag racing is another favorite activity.

One of the things that Bob enjoys most about his job is his ability to help tenants with issues —  and the smile on their faces when he’s done.  

We are so happy having Bob as part of the TRIP team!