Button Up That Overcoat

drafty house
As we head into winter, many of us are budgeting for the increased utility costs that come with the cold weather, but National Grid has some good news for you: the price of natural gas is estimated to go down by 9% this year due to lower negotiated delivery costs, “barring an unseasonably cold winter season,” according to a recent article in the Times Union.
While 9% is nothing to shrug at, and could lower a typical family’s costs by $50 to $100 over the course of the winter, National Grid continues to emphasize the importance of efficiency, which can save much more. According to the Department of Energy, their weatherization program is saving the average participating household $400 a year on their utility bills.
National Grid recently increased their rebate programs to offer $1,120 to households for upgrading to high efficiency boilers. The rebate on a seven-day programmable thermostat is being increased from $18 to $36. The deal is being offered through Dec. 31.