Towards Zero Waste

The Green Fair
September 28 | 9am – 2pm 
Troy Parking lot next to the Green Island Bridge
recycleThe City of Troy spends over $1.2 Million every year for space in landfills for the garbage we all throw away, but much of what we throw away can be recycled! Any plastic with a recycling symbol on it, cardboard, paperboard, paper, tin, glass, and much more can be put into the single stream recycling system. But what do you do with those odd other things?
The Second Annual TRIP & RCHR Green Fair aims to provide a place. Bring any of these items and we will make sure they get recycled properly:
  • Electronic Waste, including batteries, air conditioners, appliances, light bulbs, tools, smoke detectors, cell phones, radios, and pretty much anything else that uses electricity
  • Bikes/Bike Parts (donated to the Troy Bike Rescue)
  • Books (Donated to a local organization)
  • Paper (Shredded off-site and used for insulation by GreenFiber)
  • Clothing & Textiles (Recycled by St. Pauly Textile)
  • Food Scraps (Composted by EmpireZero Waste)
  • Metal
Plus, there will be lots of great learning opportunities, products and services offered by local businesses and organizations working to help us all live more sustainably.  
Together, we can reduce our waste, conserve resources, and have fun doing so. RSVP on Facebook here