Faces at TRIP: Anasha Cummings

Anasha CummingsTRIP is happy to announce that we have a new Americorps VISTA  volunteer: Anasha Cummings.  Anasha joined the TRIP team last week and will be working with us until next August.   As our Green and Sustainability Coordinator, he is coordinating the Green Fair, and helping TRIP become more sustainable  as we help Troy do so.
Since his arrival in Troy five years ago (from Santa Fe, NM, where he was raised), Anasha has been active on a variety of issues. He is passionate about designing new systems to mitigate the impacts of climate change, promote environmental justice, and use awesome new technology to make all of our lives better.  He is one of the founders of the statewide Neighborhood Revitalization Conference; Troy will again be hosting the upcoming annual conference later this month.
In his spare time, Anasha enjoys building things out of wood at the Center of Gravity
Welcome,  Anasha!