Faces at TRIP: Patti E

Patti Egan: Volunteer

Patty Egan

Patti Egan is TRIP’s newest volunteer.   Patti noticed a request for volunteers at TRIP in a Troy Recordarticle a few months back and reached out to see how she could help.  And she has been a great help to us!
Patti has over 25 years of experience working in the banking industry, but has recently become unemployed.  While looking for work, she wanted to be a part of the community and volunteer to keep up her skill level and give back.  In the past she volunteered for the American Red Cross and the Rensselaer County Literacy Group.  Her volunteer experiences were very positive so she was delighted that TRIP had a spot for her in their Rental Management unit.
Patti’s skillset centers around her desire to keep offices running smoothly.  She enjoys all of the administrative and managerial tasks in an office environment and has experience conducting intake interviews for loan applicants and foreclosure prevention.   At TRIP, she is in charge of migrating building information files into electronic format, specific to certain cataloging criteria.  TRIP managers are pleased to find how efficient, timely, and capable she is, competently and independently completing the day’s work.
Outside of working and running an office, Patti loves gardening, reading, bowling- and has a new found interest in photography.  She is a lifelong resident of Troy and hopes to find a full time, permanent  administrative position in the near future.  If you think Patti might be a fit for your organization, please email her here.