TRIP turns 45 next month!

Happy Anniversary to Us! 
Did you know that TRIP was created in the same year that: 
· Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated; 
· The launch of Apollo 8 began the first US mission to orbit the moon; 
· Jimi Hendrix played the Troy Armory; 
· The cost of a gallon of gas was 35 cents; and 
· You could buy a spacious four bedroom home on Troy’s East Side for under $25,000

1968 was an interesting year!
We have received a great deal of support from many community members, businesses, and other partners over the past four- and a-half decades. This support enabled us to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people and in Troy’s neighborhoods.  We are very proud of the work that we have accomplished. 
We are interested in hearing your feedback on our work.  Please take a minute to tell us below what you think –  is TRIP doing (or has done) a good job and why?  Similarly, let us know where we can improve.
With your continued support, we look forward to bettering people’s lives and Troy’s neighborhoods for another 45 years.