Green Organization Desigination Award

Tuesday, at an awards ceremony in DC, I had the privilege of accepting TRIP’s Green Organization Designation Award from NeighborWorks America.  We are one of just 16 groups nationwide chosen to receive this designation.
I was both proud and humbled to be able to accept this award for TRIP.  Proud because we are again at the lead of an important national initiative and humbled because the credit for getting us to this point lies entirely with our Green Team.  This effort was not based on a directive from me or the Board.  Rather, it arose from the interest and passions of the staff.  It was the work of a core group of staff members who formed the Green Team, embraced the initiative, set and met deadlines, and successfully made application for this designation – and in the process increased our green awareness and changed the way we do business.  This is not my observation alone.  A number of people from NWA in DC who have a hand in this sought me out yesterday to tell me how wonderful it was to work with our team.
So congratulations Green Team.  Job exceedingly well done.
Patrick Madden
Executive Director
Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program
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