New Faces at TRIP: Caitlin Casterlin

Caitlin Casterlin
Welcome to TRIP’s newest HomeOwnership Advisor, Caitlin Casterlin! With her strong financial background, having previously worked in banking and at the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce, Caitlin is sure to be a valuable member of the TRIP NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center team!
Caitlin’s lifelong interest in helping people, especially on an individual level, led her to work with TRIP & RCHR. She looks forward to working with clients as they navigate the worlds of financial stability and homeownership. Having recently purchased a home herself, Caitlin knows how daunting the process can be and hopes to guide others away from possible obstacles.
In addition to the time Caitlin spends working on her new house, she also enjoys hiking with her dog. As a foster pet owner, Caitlin houses, trains, and socializes dogs who will eventually be adopted. This process allows animals to live in comfortable homes rather than shelters while shaping their behavior into desirable pets.
We are all excited to have Caitlin as a member of the TRIP & RCHR community! Welcome!