You Can Help TRIP! Support the Neighborhood and Rural Preservation Programs and the Foreclosure Program

We Need Your Urgent Help…. Again!

As we reported last month, the governor has eliminated all funding for the Neighborhood Preservation Program, the Rural Preservation Program and the Foreclosure Prevention Program.  TRIP and RCHR receive relatively small amounts of funding from these programs to help with basic operational expenses as well as for our full-time foreclosure prevention counselor.

Thank you so much for your response to our previous plea for help. Unfortunately, the governor did not restore any of the funding that he originally eliminated, so the budget is now in the hands of the state legislature.  We believe they intend to finalize their budget bills this week, which means they need to hear from supporters like you urging them to fund these three critical housing programs. 
Please call your state senator and assemblymember(s) today and leave messages urging funding for the Neighborhood and Rural Preservation Programs and the Foreclosure Program.

For those in Rensselaer County:
If you live outside Rensselaer County, to find out who your legislators are enter your address at the following links:
Some of TRIP and RCHR’s programs supported by these funds include Homebuyer education and counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, financial counseling, Mini-Repair services and Landlord Training, among others. We are able to assist hundreds of customers each year with these programs, which in turn leverages local dollars through new homeowners, contractors, and preserving our tax base. 
Many of you are passionate about the communities in which we live and work.  TRIP and RCHR, and hundreds of similar organizations around the state, are deeply committed to helping revitalize, preserve and improve our communties with a variety of services and programs, some of which depend upon state support.
We hope you will call or email your state representatives today in support of the Neighborhood and Rural Presevation and Foreclosure Prevention programs.
Thank you so much for your help,
Your friends at TRIP & RCHR