New Faces at TRIP

Staff Changes

Sue Cummings
TRIP saw a few staff changes in mid-February, and we are excited to welcome Sue Cummings to our team!  Sue has been hired as our Administrative Assistant, taking the position previously held by Sue Patregnani.  Sue P. is now filing the accounting position that opened when Jean Clickner left TRIP.  TRIP is happy to have another Sue, and we wish Jean all the best at her new job!
A little about our newest employee: Sue Cummings is a long time resident of the Capital Region.  She grew up in Albany and is now living in Watervliet.  When she’s not at TRIP, Sue loves spending time with family and friends, reading good books, and watching movies.  One of her favorite films this year was The Help.
RPI Interns
Also joining the team are two new RPI interns.  Kristi Nelson and Oscar White will be working with us for this spring semester.
Kristi Nelson
Kristi will be working with TRIP as our Communications and Marketing Intern.  She is a Troy native studying IT/Web Science and Graphic Design as a senior at RPI.  Kristi keeps herself quite active; some of her hobbies include snowboarding, soccer, and photography.  Kristi also enjoys the performing arts specializing in ballet and modern dance. 
While interning at TRIP, Kristi is looking forward to a valuable professional experience with visible end results.
Oscar White
Oscar is spending his time with us as our Sustainability and Public Relations Intern.  He is a Business Management Major studying abroad at RPI; his home institution is Leeds University in England. Back at Leeds, Oscar enjoys playing rugby, but here in New York, he has been strapping on his skis and visiting the slopes around the region.  Oscar has made sure to take full advantage of being in the States and has spent time visiting New York City, Boston, Arizona, and California.
During his semester at TRIP, Oscar looks forward to gaining valuable insight into the operations of a not-for-profit organization.
Welcome to all of you!