Are You a Troy Treasure?

TRIP is accepting nominations for the Sixth Annual “Troy Treasure” Awardee, which will be presented at the TRIP/RCHR Annual Dinner on October 20th at Franklin Terrace.  This award is to honor a Troy resident, community group, or business who is passionately committed to improving Troy, toils in his or her neighborhood out of a love of community, and demonstrates his or her hometown pride in Troy in very positive and real ways.  Criteria include that the nominee lives or works in the City of Troy; individuals must live or work here for at least five years and community groups or businesses must have been in existence for at least three years.  Nominations are due to TRIP by July 20.  Nomination forms may be found at or  
Troy is lucky to have many treasures. Previous Troy Treasure awardees include Washington Park Association (2005), Osgood Neighbors and the North Central/S.Lansingburgh Neighborhood Association (2006), Friends of Prospect Park (2007), Alane Hohenberg for her visionary role in creating the Troy Community Food Coop (2008), and TRIP’s previous executive directors since 1969 Vinny Lepera, Duncan Barrett, and Barbara Jones Higbee (2009).