New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out

The “Great Appliance Swap Out” is a stimulus-funded program run by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The 10-day program begins February 12th and lasts through February 21st or until the $16.8 million available statewide for rebates runs out.

This is a nationwide program designed to provide incentives for the purchase of Energy Star-rated products, by providing consumers rebates for purchasing new energy efficient appliances and swapping out their old ones. The goals include reducing energy waste and stimulating retail sales. “Now is a great time to take advantage of the state’s rebates for refrigerators, stoves, and other costly appliances to save you some money and help the environment.” President and CEO of NYSERDA Francis J. Murray said “New Yorkers have an unprecedented opportunity to save money on energy efficient appliances that could save them hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. I encourage New Yorkers to take advantage of this opportunity and to help New York achieve the ambitious energy efficiency goals that Governor Paterson has set for us.”

Shoppers can choose either the single appliance rebate option, under which they get $75 for a refrigerator or $105 when also recycling the old one, $75 for a clothes washer ($100 with recycling) and $50 for a freezer ($75 with recycling). Or they can choose the bundled option, where they purchase a refrigerator, clothes washer and dishwasher, and receive $500, or $555 if they recycle their old appliances. The program also provides for the removal of old appliances and consumers will receive the recycling certificate they’ll need along with the purchase receipt to qualify for their rebate.

Rebates are only available for dishwashers when purchased as a bundle with at least 2 other energy efficient-rated appliances.

The guidelines for the program include:
• Consumers must be New York State residents;
• Replacement appliances must meet specified ENERGY STAR standards;
• Replacement appliances must be for individual residences;
• Consumers must submit in writing that purchased appliances are replacing existing appliances; and
• Proof of recycling of the replaced appliance must be submitted to NYSERDA.

Rebate forms will be available at or through NYSERDA’s hotline at 1-877-NY-SMART. More information is also available by visiting