Buttoning Up Your House

Thanks to additional funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), also know as federal stimulus money, about 300 homes in Rensselaer County will be weatherized between now and April 2011.  Eligibility is based on income limits; for example, a family of four whose household income is no more than $3903/month or $46,836/year would be eligible.  Additionally, anyone receiving public assistance, rent subsidies, HEAP, or SSI is automatically eligible.  All services are provided without obligation to the occupant of the home; however owners of rental buildings are required to contribute funds.
Weatherization activities average about $6500 per unit and typically will include air sealing and insulating, particularly walls, attics, and basements that lead to living spaces.  Occasionally, replacements of furnaces, refrigerators; doors; and less often, window replacements, may be warranted.  These activities are determined by a state requirement that the “Savings to Investment” ratio is 1 or higher, which formula values less costly activities such as limiting air flow over more costly window replacements.  Other common activities include replacing all incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lights, creating savings by switching lights from 60-watts or more to 13 –watt bulbs. 
To apply for this program, contact The Commission on Economic Opportunity at https://www.ceopeoplehelpingpeople.org/applyforservices or call CEO at (518) 272-6012 x290.